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    Guangzhou Hongyin Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as Hongyin Audio) was established in 1995. It is a comprehensive entertainment equipment company that integrates production, distribution, engineering contracting, equipment leasing, and after-sales warranty. Our company owns the "Di Wei Long Audio" brand and specializes in developing and designing professional audio system products for various high-quality entertainment venues such as entertainment, HI rooms, slow rocking, and small and medium-sized entertainment performances. All speakers use their professional sound units, showcasing their comprehensive performance characteristics, with exceptional performance capabilities, delicate vocals, and a powerful low-professional sound system. Continuously innovating and exploring new fields of audio technology, creating more professional and advanced audio products, and making more outstanding contributions to the development of the audio field.

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    Guangzhou Hongyin Audio Equipment Co., Ltd

    Company Address:No. 1, Qinglong Street, Dalou Village, Jianggao, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

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